Monday, July 10, 2017

The 70th UFO Festival Roswell NM was Great!

UFO Festival 2017
  Was the 70th Anniversary of the
      1947 Roswell Incident!

It was fun and very entertaining and extremely informative!

Spent some time mingling with the locals.....

I walked among the crowds on the street wearing my Ratfiles Abduction shirt!

Listened to some outstanding speakers...

Found this poor guy who was looking a little overheated, couldn't even stand up straight ... or may have been to much of that Alien Beer!  

This awesome ride was parked nearby so I am thinking it may belong to Mr.LeansAlot!!!

And of course we can not forget the once in a lifetime chance meeting of Ned from the Aurora, Texas crash meeting his long lost relative Bob the Roswell, NM alien. Can't believe I just happened to catch them together!

And with that... all I can say is I can't wait until next year!!!  Thanks to the City of Roswell and to the Roswell UfO Museum and International Research Center for an outstanding festival! Also, we can't forget to thank our local newspaper for everything they have done throughout the years... from bringing us the original official news release and has provide lots of information to various others who research the incident including their contributions to the UFO Museum! 

Thank you Roswell Daily Record!

Truly wonderful event everyone!

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