Friday, January 29, 2016

New Podcast Supporter...

I am so happy that I continued my search...

We now have a new supporter,

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So thrilled to have them with us and for supporting us on our future releases!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

February Podcasts....

The Rat Files Podcast

OK... The February podcasts are recorded and edited... We are ready to post them. 

With February only a few days away, I am so happy to have them ready and waiting!

Our number of listeners has grown to over 550 in nearly a month... I am so happy to have so many followers!

I had a few emails asking me why I started doing these podcasts... Well truth is, I started them because we enjoy discussing various topics, and we have heard some podcasts that try to tell you what you should believe. We don't do that, we tell you what we think and what we find and let our listeners decide for themselves.

Well back to researching!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Excitement Growing

Oh, I am excited... We are working on the line up for February. We have a two hour special on a political topic and we are currently putting together a podcast on the topic of UFOs
So refer us to your friends... We welcome new listeners and thank our loyal listeners. Find us and follow us on all the social medias! 
February the month of love... so show us some! Find us on facebook, tumblr, google +, twitter, or blogger! Find us, like us and follow us!

The Rat Files - Mouse

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Blogs...

I am truly over joyed with the following we have received on our podcasts. Since our first podcast released January 5, 2016 We have been listened to and downloaded on our site a , along with iTunes, Androids, Apple iOS, facebook, twitter and youtube more than 250 total!  That is in two weeks!
I am truly excited... We have more topics that we are currently working on and some are rather controversial. We cover topics that mainstream media tries to avoid or that they just blatantly give you minimal information on. We are not out to offend, we research, compile our findings together and then discuss them. Lance and I don't always agree, but that is OK. 
We are not trying to tell anyone what they should think. We provide the information we find and discuss it with our opinions and then let our listeners decide what they believe!
Again, I am so happy with the following! And if any of my listeners read our blog, I want you to know you are appreciated. If there is a particular topic that you are interested in, let us know... we are always looking or new ideas.
Below is the first podcast - Enjoy!
Thanks ,
The Rat Files - Mouse

Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to The Rat Files....

We investigate the taboo, the hidden, and the not so popular subjects, that mainstream usually tries to avoid.

Our podcast covers a variety of topics and we are always looking for new ideas.

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We can also be found on youtube, iTunes, facebook, and pintrest!

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