Saturday, May 27, 2017

Home Page and Merchandise Store...

The word is out...    
   The Ratfiles Podcast is growing...
     We are on 5 continents...
        We have a merchandise store....

You can now access everything Ratfiles from one single page. 
All of our social media links...
 Our Podcast page...
  And Our Merchandise Store!

Just visit 

The store has everything from bags, mugs, aprons, phone covers, and more.
Of course there are t-shirts and they range in size from 5xl mens all the way to infant. 
We have worked hard to bring you various different designs...
And are adding more everyday!



Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

New T-shirts Now Available

We are now offering t-shirts with this design on the back for sale.

This is a limited offer.... sale ends May 26th, 2017. 

Shirts  available in white, metal, pink, blue and orange!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Ratfiles Podcast update....

We are now spreading our word in more ways than ever!!!

We have post cards that we mail out ever so often!

We have trifold brochures displayed in various locations across the country.

We have posters displayed around Roswell, NM!

We also have business cards and mini posters.

We have also had a couple of reusable shopping bags printed up as a test run!

Join us in helping promote The Ratfiles Podcast as we continue to grow!

We are heard on 5 continents and are getting new listeners and followers every day. 

With that I say.... Listen to us and decide for yourself!

Alien Abductions and Hybrids

We have all heard the stories....
      We have seen the movies....

But Do We Believe?

Alien abductions are something that are reported all around the world. But are they real? If they are what do they mean?  What do they want?



Check out the podcast about Atlantis!

Real or fiction .... fable or forgotten fact?

Listen to what we found!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Annunaki ....

Oh my, Oh my.... this is a rather unique look at a really old topic!

Check it out and see what you think!

Annunaki - What did Sitchin Know?

We give you information to chew through and reach your own ideas!

Annunaki - What did Sitchin know?

GOT a NEW Topic....

We got a new topic now published!!!

Check it out!


Dental Fix or Toxic Death

The Black Knight..... We investigate!

We have all heard about the Black Knight....

That large UFO orbiting the earth in a polar orbit....

But is it alien?

Is it just debris?

What is it???

Well we took a look at several different claims and reports...

Listen to what we uncovered and you decide!

NEW Web Page!!!

Hey fans and followers, we are proud to announce our newest addition to The Ratfiles Collection....

We have our new web page.... Our own custom landing pad so to speak...

From this site, you can find ANYTHING connected to The Ratfiles Podcast!

Windows vs. Linux

Hey... Check out our podcast about a cute little penguin named Tux....

I really love this guy!   

windows vs. linux

Astrology Errors - The Historical Flaws

 Click the link to hear our Astrology Errors-The Historical Flaws Podcast

Amazing - Interesting - Eye Opening - Informative

Everything to give you something to gnaw on...

Podcast Consumer Economy

Been a little busy my friends.... 

Podcasting doesn't leave a lot of time for the blogging!!   =(

But check out the Consumer Economy or Global Suicide podcast now availale at the

We have been working on so much....